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In Science, we aim to inspire students in their understanding and enquiry of science, and maximise their opportunities in a science education, irrespective of starting point. 

We focus on the following areas: 


Students will engage in the study of living organisms and their interactions with other organisms and the non-living parts of the environment around them by looking at growth, development and population and the processes that affect these cycles. In addition, it involves the study of the internal processes essential to life and how these processes can be altered to improve an organism’s chances of survival; as well as how organisms are able to maintain health and have adapted mechanisms to deal with challenges to this. Students will also study how our attributes as a species have changed over time, as a product of our environment and genetic inheritance.


Students will engage in the study of how substances interact with each other to give rise to the physical world and the conditions that are essential for life; through the understanding of atomic structure and the behaviour of constituent particles, which in turn has given rise to the patterns we observe in nature that govern all the known elements. In addition, it involves a study of our manipulation of these substances and how this has affected our environment and quality of life, for better and for worse.


Students will engage in the study of matter and energy and its interactions which govern the laws of nature from the smallest atom to stars and galaxies. Physics is the study of how the understanding of physical laws have allowed humans to improve the quality of life and continually push the boundaries of advancement to overcome our technological limitations; as well as the ethical questions raised by such advancements.

We ask the question: How have we used our understanding of science to shape our place within the world and universe and where will these developments take us in the future?

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