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In PE, we aim to enable students to develop and apply knowledge of sports-related activities, with a particular focus on officiating. They explore contemporary issues in sport, different ways of being involved in the sports industry, and the impact of sport on wider society. In order to facilitate the development and progression of our students we focus on the following areas:

  • Contemporary issues in sport
  • Students will learn more about different leadership roles and styles. They will then go onto to plan and deliver effective and safe sessions and evaluate their own performance.
  • Developing sports skills

    Students will be required to develop their skills, techniques and use of tactics/strategies/compositional ideas in both an individual and a team sporting activity. Pupils will also improve their understanding of the rules to allow them to act in a number of officiating roles within an activity.

In Health and Social Care at JQA, we aim to provide students with essential knowledge, transferable skills and tools to learning in other subjects with the aim of enhancing their employability when they leave education, contributing to both their personal development and future economic well-being.

Throughout the course, students will understand the key necessities that are required to work within in care and understand the protocol that is attached with such responsibility within the workplace. In terms of the health and social care environment students will learn how to safeguard vulnerable people, ensure that service users understand their rights, how they can be maintained, how legislation protects people who work within the HSC setting and those that require the service.

Students will learn how to support individuals to maintain their rights, understand the importance of the values of care and how they are applied, understand how legislation impacts on care settings and understand how personal hygiene, safety and security measures protect individuals. In addition to this, students will have to understand all the vital components of communication and why it is essential to a Health and social care setting.

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