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In Mathematics, we aim to develop pupils understanding and their independence in using and applying mathematics within and beyond the classroom.

We believe that every child can learn mathematics, by enhancing their learning experiences to develop a deep, long-term, secure, and adaptable understanding of mathematical procedures and concepts, through day-to-day teaching based on coherence, representation and structure, mathematical thinking, fluency and variation

By developing cognitive ability and its contextualised connections to the real world through communication and reasoning, we can develop the skill of problem solving, not just in lessons but in real life situations. We want to equip our students with the skills they need for learning, life and career and to appreciate the role of mathematics in today’s ever-changing world.

We want the young people, through the learning of mathematics to:

  • Develop numeracy skills, including arithmetical skills which allow them to participate in society.
  • Develop a secure understanding of the concepts, principles and processes of mathematics and apply these in different contexts.
  • Understand the application of mathematics, its impact on our society, past, present and future.
  • Establish firm foundations for further specialist learning.

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