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We always refer to our students as  ‘gems’ at JQA. Within that word is the implication that their futures are the most precious things but also sometimes our students might require some additional polish to shine as brightly as they can. Indeed, SHINE is the acronym we use for learning behaviours that drive achievement at JQA. We expect our students to sit up straight, hold only their pens, be in silence while their teacher is talking, produce their neatest work and show they are listening with their eyes. There is a renewed focus on expectations and we expect families to support the Academy’s approaches that will enable every child to learn and achieve.


Rewards and recognition are very important aspects of learning at Jewellery Quarter Academy. Due to our high expectations, we will never reward students for doing the expected. Our reward merits and Praise Postcards recognise the ‘over and beyond’ qualities that exude our CORE values.

Examples of this might be:

  • Working together successfully with others to produce a high-quality outcome
  • Selflessly helping another member of the JQA community
  • Outstanding effort to make the most of every minute of learning
  • Representing the school superbly on a trip or visit
  • Pride in work – high quality presentation
  • Demonstrating high-quality respect for others
  • Superb classwork or homework
  • Outstanding performance to represent the school
  • 100% attendance

Merits should be recorded systematically by students in their planners and merits and
Praise Postcards should be logged on MyStickers using the login which is written in student planners. Students can cash in their merits at the Reward Shop to win prizes and also qualify for rewards such as Hot Chocolate with the Headteacher (fortnightly), Reward Assemblies and Golden Table (Termly), End of Year Rewards trip (Annually).

We have the following other merits available:

  • Subject-based merits
  • Form Tutor merits
  • Full Stamp merits
  • SLT merits
  • Headteacher merits


Jewellery Quarter Academy has a fair and robust behaviour policy in place. We have a clear and published Code of Conduct which form our ‘Gold Standards’ – the expectations of wearing the JQA gold tie.

We also have a clear system for Supporting students To Ensure Progress (STEP) if conduct falls short of our ‘Gold Standards’:

The behaviour policy can be found on the Statutory Information page.