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In English, we will explore the human condition across time through a rich variety of texts, including those from the literary canon, to generate engagement with the wider world through the medium of language. We will empower students to form opinions grounded in knowledge which enables flexibility in discourse. We want to ignite students’ continuous exploration of English throughout their lives through their reflection on the questions:

  • “How have people across time used English to convey meaning and make sense of their lives?’
  • “How can we best express ourselves in our work and life?”

We will work to encapsulate the ideology that students will be given “holding baskets for knowledge” in which they can explore and carry concepts with them. This learning will be embedded and expanded on through strands based on set themes which incorporate: ‘Tragedy’, ‘Narrative Structure’, ‘Finding My Voice’ and ‘The Writer as Social Critic’. These key concepts will interweave through the units of work as well as progress through students’ studies year on year. The concepts will be vessels not only to analyse and learn but across subjects and in time transfer to higher studies and life’s lessons.

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