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“It is a happy place; children are safe here. It’s all one community and everyone makes me feel like I am very welcome. Everyone stands together. There are so many opportunities here, for example taking part in clubs and the curriculum is so much fun. I do drama club and boxing club. 

The difference between primary school and secondary school is there are so many more lessons that I can get involved in, I love taking part in French.”


“What I like about the school is that you can earn prizes from the reward shop just by trying your best in class, I have had a JQA hoodie and a football with the points I earned.”


“What I like about the school is the structure of the day. I thought the teachers would be a lot different, I thought they would be very strict because everyone at primary school said that, but they are actually very nice.”


“There are many amazing opportunities in the school. One of my favourite things about JQA is the teachers and staff. There are many teachers here to help and some fun activities to make the school day even better. I hope you enjoy your forthcoming year at JQA.”