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‘Smartly-dressed’ students, ‘ready’ to shine.

We all wear our JQA uniform with pride and see it as symbolic of what we represent – equality, working together, showing respect and striving for excellence. We live our values by how we expect our students to wear our uniform because we are preparing students for their future opportunities: an excellent first impression in an interview for sixth form/college, university or their chosen career.

The ‘gold tie’ is symbolic of our commitment to our ‘gold standards’ and should be cherished, honoured and worn with pride – wearing it means you are part of a team that has the highest standards for each other and is proud to be part of and respect this historic community.

The gold tie = ‘gold standards’

Academy Uniform

Students will need:

  • Plain navy blue blazer with an embroidered school badge (this must be worn at all times unless permission given to not e.g in extremely warm weather when Shirt Sleeve Order* will stand)
  • Light blue shirt
  • JQA ‘gold’ tie
  • Grey V-necked jumper (optional)
  • Plain grey trousers/skirt
  • Plain black socks (no trainer socks) or opaque black tights
  • Plain black school shoes

PE Uniform

  • Navy and light blue collar t-shirt
  • Navy blue shorts or tracksuit bottoms
  • Navy blue PE socks
  • Trainers

The Academy can support families who are struggling with items of uniform and we have tried to minimise the amount of branded items required to make our uniform affordable. Branded school items are available from the following suppliers:


4 – 5 Three Shires Oak Road
B67 5AX

Tel: 0121 429 4244

Visit website

Crested School Wear

71 High Street
B23 6SA

Tel: 0121 350 8444

Visit website


Key points of note

Parents/carers and students should take note of the details in the policy and be aware any unauthorised items will be confiscated and will be offered for collection and/or destroyed

Hair Styles

We have adopted the Halo Code to celebrate individuality and identity, however, extreme changes of hair colour which are not ‘natural’ are not permitted.


JQA is a place of learning. Learning is central to all we do and we expect our students to arrive with the necessary equipment to make the most of all learning opportunities. When students don’t have equipment, it slows learning and wastes time: it is unprofessional to arrive unprepared and this is something we want to instil in our students.

Expected List:

  • Practical and professional school bag
  • Clear pencil case
  • Black and blue pens (including a whiteboard pen)
  • Green pen for self assessment
  • Pencil and rubber
  • Ruler
  • Sharpener
  • JQA Planner (provide by the Academy)

Preferred List:

  • Scientific calculator
  • Maths equipment
  • Reading book

We do not engage in discussion about what is and what is not acceptable. If we have a doubt about any aspect of uniform, there is no doubt for us that it contravenes policy. Our expectations are clear and rooted in the best intentions for our students: to present themselves professionally and build habits for good organisation and preparedness. We expect everyone to respect the spirit of the rules, not to try subterfuge and find a loophole. We support if circumstance prevents smart uniform, we sanction if there is a choice to not wear smart uniform. We operate a policy of confiscation and parental collection to prompt a conversation about standards. We expect parents and carers to support the academy by knowing and meeting these expectations in relation to ensuring their child is ready and prepared for success at JQA. Where students arrive without basic items of uniform, parents will be expected to bring the item to the Academy before entry. Excellence is expected here.

Shirt Sleeve Order

On days when there is extreme heat, we will insist on Shirt Sleeve Order so that students can remain cool in the heat. Quite simply, this means shirt and tie only. When this is in force, students should:

  • Not bring or wear coats or jackets other than blazers – coats should not be worn instead of blazers. If students wish to wear a jacket over their shirt, the jacket will be a blazer.
  • Bring their blazers to wear in the event of any sudden change in weather. These may be kept in their bag.
  • Not bring or wear the optional V-neck grey jumpers.
  • Ensure they have taken any hayfever medication and have brought a re-fillable water bottle. Water fountains at the Academy may be used between the first bell at social time and the whistle. Students will not be permitted to leave lesson and should not use fountains between lessons to fill water bottles up. Any misuse of fountains will result in them being turned off as decided by the Headteacher.
Excellence is expected here.