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Thank you

Firstly, I’d like to thank you all for your continued support this half term. A reminder that we have two scheduled training days (Friday 18th February and Monday 28th February) either side of the half term holiday.

It’s a busy week for us ahead: we are recruiting teachers of Maths and Science and we have new staff starting: L Gant will support students with reading and N Lisbie who joins us in Performing Arts – a vacancy left by the resignation of K Gardner. We have also appointed a new Office Manager, E Pickett, who joins us on 7th March to continue to improve our service to our students’ families. We will continue to make appointments as we look to further strengthen the staff team.

Mr J Barton – Head of School

Year 9 students are about to indicate their preferences for the qualifications they will study at Key Stage 4. If you are a parent of a student in Year 9, please make sure they complete the form here before 9pm tonight. Thank you to all parents/carers of Year 9 students who came to our recent events.

I issued a permanent exclusion for a student in Year 8 who persistently breached the Academy’s clear Code of Conduct and this was upheld by a panel of governors on Friday. I will not accept learning being disrupted.

We practised a successful ‘lockdown’ scenario last week and will also do a scheduled fire practice this week – this is about constantly scrutinising our systems and procedures for safeguarding to make sure they are superb. We will never be complacent when it comes to this.

It was wonderful to see Year 10 students on a trip to Central Saint Michael’s Sixth Form last week. Students I spoke to told me about the range of activities they experienced on the day.

There is a Student Parliament meeting on Wednesday at 9am for all elected members – I’m excited to hear their views and use them to continue to shape the Academy for our students.

Year 11 students have been made aware of the topics released by exam boards to help with their revision and preparation. This week, all students are involved in ‘Walking-Talking Mocks’ where our subject experts lead and guide them through exam papers, question by question. There is also an opportunity for Year 11 students to work on crucial English Language topics over half term with our partners, Pet-XI, and a letter has been issued to invited students today.

Finally, we welcome families of Year 6 students who have chosen JQA for their child in September 2022 on Thursday 3rd March.

I hope you have a restful break together and I look forward to welcoming all students back to JQA on Tuesday 1st March for 8.35. I’d remind all families of the uniform and equipment policy in readiness for return.

We have been alerted that further Free School Meal vouchers will not be issued by the government. The Household Support Fund may be able to provide families with support and we may be able to help as a school.

Please call us on 0121 729 7220, leaving a message if lines are busy, and we will support you.

You can always contact me directly at: [email protected]