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Excellence is expected here

This page will give key information to parents of Year 11 students. You can find information about the journey ahead, key contacts and any important messages.

We expect our ‘gems’ to leave polished: with a great set of GCSE grades and a depth of character around our shared CORE values so that they go on to an ambitious next step on their journey to shining in society.

What will be in your child’s envelope on August 24th 2023?

The journey ahead

A clear outline of the key moments for Year 11 students and families is below:

important information

Any important information such as Mock Exam timetables or notices will appear here. Parents and Year 11 students can immediately find:

Key contacts

Below the contact details of the team around our Year 11 children. We expect parents and carers to join that team. We only succeed as a team.

Head of Year 11

[email protected]

S Ivey

Year Group Co-Ordinator

[email protected],academy

Year 11 Year Group Co-Ordinator

G Christie

Deputy Headteacher

[email protected],academy

Deputy Headteacher

D Chudasama

Exams Officer

L Betteridge