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In Drama, we aim to focus on two main points throughout our curriculum:

  • The relationship between form and meaning in a piece of drama and the many ways in which drama practitioners create meaning through both acting and technical elements of theatre such as sound, lighting, staging and costume.
  • The processes and procedures by which we work creatively and collaboratively to create, shape and develop ideas from stimulus to performance.

Students will develop an understanding of performance work and influences starting with the basic skills which are needed in all aspects of drama, leading up to specialist areas such as roles, responsibilities and the application of skills and techniques within the performing arts.

Students will broaden their knowledge through observing existing performances and learn about the styles and approaches of practitioners, exploring how they create and influence performance material.

In drama we are committed to developing our CORE character traits as well as improving our individuality. Studying drama cultivates a safe and respectful environment where students can explore complexed and current topics, showing an understanding of the world around them and develop the analysis of social, historical and cultural contexts of the world.

Our Teachers

  • Miss Bowen 

Key Stage 3

Key Stage 4

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