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In music, students will be exposed to a variety of rhythmic pieces building their performance skills and knowledge of elements of music. Students will compose and perform in individual sections as well as whole group pieces. This develops students on to using imagery and regular items to remember musical notes, as well as whole class and group singing techniques.

In Year 8, students will use a range of musical elements and keyboard voicing to further develop their performance pieces, applying specific emotions to the sections of the piece. Using a variety of knowledge pupils will interpret actions in trailers of film music which then will develop into performing 12 bar blues work with accuracy and fluidity. Students will identify riffs and arrangements and understanding how to develop good timing within specific pieces.

In Year 9, students will learn and use mnemonics of the ukulele as well as create a cover version of arrangements within class, this will also incorporate whole class singling. Students will explore music technology and musical elements within different styles of theatre and music making links and analysing existing songs and compositions.

As students move into key stage four, they will explore several units within the qualification content. They will make connections to job roles within the music industry, explore exam style questions, compile logs of evidence and develop their sequencing skills with original compositions.

Students will engage in debates and discussions as well as look at a variety of venues of performances, analysing the health and safety measures to be taken. As well as this, students will finalise revision and analysis of exam papers preparing them for their unit exams.

Our Teachers

  • Mrs Palmer
  • Miss Loxton

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Key Stage 4

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