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The study of Hospitality and Catering enables students to know what constitutes a healthy diet and therefore to be able to make informed choices about what they eat and cook for others. Catering skills are vital as we all need to eat; being able to prepare healthy, nutritious, and affordable meals for oneself and others is a key skill for a happy and healthy life beyond school. Being able to use knife skills and understanding temperature control are the key skills needed for successful cooking. All students, even if they do not continue with the subject beyond Key Stage 3, will be able to plan and make a simple main dish. By the end of Year 11, students will be able to plan, make and evaluate a menu. They will have the skills and knowledge to access further education and begin a career in the industry. They will also understand the main roles, workflows, and structures in hospitality, which is a multi-million-pound industry in the UK economy.

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